The beauty of watercolor is in its transparency. The medium has a mind of its own, and the fun challenge is learning how to control it. Watercolor can bring painterly light and life to any subject.

Email me if you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait or watercolor piece : 
LizzAubreyArt @ Gmail dot com

Commissions for Amy W. 
Fluid, 12x12 inch abstract
5x7 inch cactus paintings

Commission for Shelby L.
8x10inch zoo portraits: Giraffe, Elephant, Sea Turtle

Commission for Kaitlin H.
Our First Home, 8x10inch architectural painting

For fundraising benefit auction
Octopus & Jellyfish, 5x7inch paintings

Peacock Feathers, 8x10inch painting

Tiny Seahorse, 2x4inch painting

Nopales Cactus, 5x7inch flora painting

Gift for Pam H.
Native American Feathers, 11x14inch painting


My clients provide a high quality photo of their dog, cat, bird, etc and I pay tribute to them in beautiful watercolor.

Shadow, 8x10inch
Commission for Abby M.

Fergus the baby Bulldog, 8x10inch
Commision for Melissa W.

German Shepherd, 11x14inch
Commission for Milinda E.

Gift Watercolors for my father, Brendle
5x7inch portraits of the family dogs: 
Madeline the Beagle, Charles the Beagle + Gigi the Boxer 

Commission for Leah & Andi C.
Sweet Chico, 8x10inch

Koda and 'Toothless', 8x10 inch
Commissions for Melissa W.

Daphne and Kira, 8x10inch
Commissions for Stacy W.

Sweet Rosie, 8x10inch
Commission for Milinda E.

Commission for Devyn D.
Rue, 8x10inch

Commission for Mike G.
Your Pal Otis, 8x10inch

Commission for Aubri & Anthony S.
Sweet Miss Claira, 11x14inch

Commissions for Emily M.
Sweet Clementine, 8x10inch pet portrait and 
Otis in a Necktie, 11x14inch

Commission for Hannah G.
Jack Jack, 8x10inch pet portrait

Commissions for Jena B.
Justin Timberlake & Otis, 8x10inch pet portraits

Commission for Lindsay L.
Handsome Mr Roman, 8x10inch pet portrait

The pet portrait that began my study of watercolors: 
Addie Girl, 8x10inch for Jolie H.

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